Co-In Vitro Fertilization (Co-IVF)

Co-in vitro fertilization (Co-IVF) is a fertility treatment which allows both partners in a same sex female couple to participate in the pregnancy process. One partner undergoes ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval. After extraction of the eggs, her eggs are fertilized, and the resulting embryos are either transferred into her partner or analyzed using preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), frozen, and then thawed and transferred into her partner at a later date. Co-IVF creates a shared experience for lesbian couples by allowing them both to be active participants in the reproductive process. Same sex couples choosing to undergo Co-IVF generally have an excellent prognosis for successfully achieving a pregnancy.

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RMA of New York serves as the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Mount Sinai Medical System. Our laboratory team is dedicated to scientific discovery, graduate medical education through RMA of NY’s REI Fellowship Program, and individualized care that focuses on you.

Our team of embryologists are consistently recognized as innovators in reproductive science and medicine, and security and safety standards. RMA of New York has been at the forefront of embryo freezing technology and cutting-edge research, helping countless individuals and partners achieve the dream of building a family.

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