Fertility Medication Training Videos

You have the right to know about the proper use of your medications and their effects. If you need more information, please ask a member of your RMA of New York clinical team or a pharmacist.

  • Cetrotide

  • Follistim AQ Cartridge

  • Ganirelix

  • Gonal-F RFF Redi-Ject Pen

  • Leuprolide Lupron Trigger

  • Menopur

  • MicroDose Lupron

  • Novarel (HCG Series) 1K Trigger

  • Novorel (HCG Series) 5K Trigger

  • Ovidrel

  • Pregnyl (HCG Series) 1K Trigger

  • Pregnyl (HCG Series) 2K Trigger

  • Pregnyl (HCG Series) 3K Trigger

  • Pregnyl (HCG Series) 10K Trigger

  • Progesterone In Oil

  • Gonal F, Menopur, and Cetrotide

  • Menopur, Ganirelix, and Follistim

  • Fertility Medication Administration Webinar: July 2023