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RMA of New York – Brooklyn is the perfect meld of mission and location. Our team delivers standard-setting care and technology to a borough that helps set the world’s pace for big ideas, creative expression, and scientific breakthroughs.

Serving Brooklyn for 10 years
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A World-Class Clinic and IVF Lab for Brooklyn and Beyond

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, Brooklyn

For 10 years, Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York has served the Brooklyn community with compassionate, inclusive fertility care and high IVF success rates. And every day, we work to continue that momentum, merging personalized care with world-renowned science and expertise. Whether you are seeking low-tech treatment, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), or require more advanced techniques, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) with preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) to identify the healthiest embryo, our team consistently delivers high pregnancy success rates. For those who want to delay family-building, whether for career or other lifestyle reasons, we also assist patients with their fertility preservation needs, in the form of egg freezing, embryo freezing, and sperm banking.

Medical Director, Dr. Jovana Lekovich, along with Dr. Tia Jackson-Bey, and Dr. Jenna Friedenthal are the reproductive endocrinologists and infertility specialists who lead RMA of New York’s Brooklyn team, offering patients the personal attention, sensitivity, and convenience of a local doctor’s office, with the latest technologies and laboratory capabilities of one of the nation’s leading fertility centers.

The team works to deliver consistently top IVF success rates through the use of the latest modern, scientifically-proven assisted reproductive treatments, in a customized treatment plan, based on your individual needs.

Over 1 million people have looked inside our lab – you can, too.

The infertility journey can be challenging and nonlinear — our team understands and supports you along the way toward achieving your family-building goals.

Your experience with us is strategically designed to be as stress-free and successful as possible. We welcome you into a space that values your time and needs and recognizes you as an individual — it’s the Brooklyn way. Make an appointment today.

Locations Throughout the New York Metropolitan Area

RMA of New York fertility care is accessible for throughout Brooklyn, as well as at four office locations in Manhattan, on the East Side, West Side, Downtown, and at Mount Sinai. We also have offices throughout Westchester and Long Island. Our facilities are spacious and newly designed with patient comfort in mind. RMA of New York’s full-service IVF laboratory locations, located on the East Side of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Mount Kisco, each house medical suites, in vitro fertilization IVF surgical procedure rooms and their own embryology laboratories all under one roof, providing continuous, convenient care without the need to travel for surgical or assisted reproductive procedures. See a full list of RMA of New York locations.

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