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Imagine the feeling of helping to build a family. By donating your eggs, you can bring tremendous joy to a couple, enabling them to become parents.

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$10,000 Compensation

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Through the Egg Donation Program at RMA of New York, you can make someone’s dream a reality, while receiving $10,000 compensation for completing a donation cycle. You will receive a free, comprehensive medical evaluation and free genetic testing at our midtown-Manhattan facility, a division of The Mount Sinai Health System.

Why Donate Eggs?

Thousands of American women have difficulty producing healthy, viable eggs due to ovarian problems, risk factors, and other various reproductive complications. Your commitment to the donation process allows someone to experience motherhood, while you are compensated $10,000 for your time and effort upon completion of a cycle. To learn more about the egg donation process, view Steps to Donating Eggs.
Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York’s Egg Donation Program is accepting female applicants in good health, between the ages of 21 and 32. Anonymity and confidentiality are maintained at the highest level.

Who Donates Eggs?

  • College graduate, or currently pursuing a degree

  • Non-smoker with normal body weight / BMI

  • No known genetic or sexually transmitted diseases

  • Live in New York City area (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey)

Steps To Donating Your Eggs

If you are committed to helping an infertile couple, and you meet medical and psychological standards, you may qualify to participate in our egg donation program.

  • Step 1: Screening for Egg Donor Candidates

    The first step toward becoming an egg donor includes filling out the egg donor application. To qualify as an egg donor, you must be 21-32 years old, in good physical and psychological health, have a height and weight within normal limits, and not use drugs. Each egg donor meets with a board-certified practitioner for a comprehensive gynecologic exam. Psychological pre-screening interviews and testing are also completed. This entire screening process usually takes 3 to 4 visits.

  • Step 2: Preparing to Donate

    Once you are selected, a nurse will meet with you to discuss pertinent issues about your egg donation and treatment cycle. You will be advised about the fertility medication injections you will be giving yourself at home for 10 to 14 days. The entire process takes about 2 months of planning and up to an additional 3 weeks to complete the cycle. During the actual treatment phase, you will be seen in our office for morning monitoring, which includes blood work and vaginal ultrasounds to monitor your egg production.

  • Step 3: Collecting the Donated Eggs

    The egg retrieval is generally done in the morning and is performed under IV sedation. The actual procedure takes about 15 minutes. Using ultrasound as a guide, several eggs will be removed from your ovaries’ follicles. After recovery, you should plan to spend the day quietly at home. Most women feel fine the next day, and normal periods generally return in about 2 weeks.

  • Step 4: Compensation

    We recognize that agreeing to be an egg donor is a tremendous gift. Your contribution toward helping a couple achieve their dream of parenthood is priceless. Upon completion of a donation cycle you will receive compensation of $10,000 for your time and effort. No costs associated with the program will be charged to you as an egg donor. You may have the potential to donate up to 6 times in your life and receive $60,000 in compensation.

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