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RMA of New York recognizes that every patient’s fertility journey is different. While some families may be created in just a few steps, others may require a more complex and longer journey to come to fruition. RMA of New York wants its patients to feel supported no matter how long it takes to reach their family-building goals.

The RMA of New York blog and Fertility Forward podcast are two resources patients are encouraged to consult throughout their fertility journey. Both of these resources address a wide range of topics within reproductive health, including information on trying to get pregnant, lifestyle recommendations, and practical information about the services offered at RMA of New York.


Written by the expert reproductive endocrinologists of RMA of New York, the RMA of New York blog communicates information on fertility health and wellness, RMA of New York research updates, lifestyle tips and trends, and thorough reviews of the service offered at RMA of New York.

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As the field of reproductive health continues to evolve at a rapid rate, it can be hard to keep up with the most cutting edge information. In this podcast, listeners will learn from a variety of viewpoints in the fertility space. Hosts Rena Gower and Dara Godfrey interview medical professionals, mental health specialists, wellness practitioners, personal trainers, and entrepreneurs to get a better understanding of this growing field. The podcast is intended to bring a message of positivity, authenticity and a healthy dose of gratitude.

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