Posted on February 5th, 2019by RMANY

Infertility Treatment Tied to Modest Risk of Maternal Morbidity, Death

According to a Canadian study, women who underwent infertility treatment had a slightly higher risk for complications. For those who underwent invasive treatment, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) had an elevated risk compared to those who received noninvasive treatments, including intrauterine insemination. Dr. Eric Flisser pointed out that “what is already known is that both types of infertility treatment -- insemination and IVF -- are, in general, extremely safe procedures.” He emphasized that it is important to bear in mind that a potential reason for the distinction between patients who successfully conceived by insemination compared to IVF is that “the two group likely had different risk characteristics, which means that there is a real possibility that patients needing IVF are already at higher risk of pregnancy complications.” Future studies aimed at identifying specific clinical patient factors that may impact this associated risk have been suggested.

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