Posted on January 31st, 2019by RMANY

I spent weeks asking people for advice on fertility treatments. Here are 10 things fertility experts think everyone should know

Fertility treatments are a costly, and sometimes taxing, process. Author Sharon Feiereisen spoke to several fertility experts and women who have undergone fertility treatments themselves for a list of 10 things everyone should know about the topic. Dr. Jeffrey Klein, board-certified reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist at RMA of New York, encourages patients to “do their due diligence” and check websites like SART for official success rates. “Do your best to get to know the centers you’re considering and how strict they are to accurately access their numbers." Additionally, fertility treatments may can often strain close relationships and it can help to find outlets for stress. Rena Stein, licensed social worker at RMA of NY who went through infertility herself, said that “Like so many others, I had no insurance coverage for treatment and so I started going to Albany and lobbying for insurance reform. Being proactive helped me cope.” These and other helpful tips will help others make informed decisions as they embark on their own fertility journey.

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