Semen Analysis

Semen analysis is performed to evaluate a man's fertility and can help determine if a problem in sperm production or quality of the sperm is causing infertility. The semen analysis evaluates the quality and quantity of sperm, and the surrounding semen or fluid.

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How the test is performed:

Semen can be collected on-site in a private area or at home by self-stimulation. Some men, for religious or other reasons, might prefer to collect semen during the act of intercourse, using a specialized condom. If this is the case, your physician will provide the condom because store-bought condoms contain lubricants and spermicides that could affect test results. It is advised to abstain from sex or ejaculation for two to four days beforehand. If collection is done at home, the sample should be kept at body temperature (98.6 F/37C) by keeping it next to the body during transportation. It should not be left at room temperature for an extended period of time or be refrigerated.

How the semen is evaluated:

As part of the semen analysis, the laboratory determines the number of sperm present in the ejaculate. A normal sperm count falls between 20 million/mL and 200 million/mL. The lab will also look at how well the sperm are moving and count the total percentage of motile sperm by calculating how many sperm per 100 are moving. At least 50% of any given sperm population should be moving. Finally, the shape or morphology of the sperm is determined. Sperm heads should be oval-shaped without irregularities. In the event that the semen analysis is abnormal, the test may need to be repeated, and a referral to a urologist who specializes in the treatment of male-factor infertility may be suggested.

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