Posted on September 17th, 2020by RMANY

Ep 31: Male Fertility with Lauren Manaker, RDN

Fertility Forward Episode 31:

Since “it takes two to tango”, this episode focuses on the necessary nutrition and lifestyle information that men who are trying to conceive need, and the role they play in IVF success, and the baby’s health, among other things. Our guest is an award-winning Registered Dietitian turned entrepreneur and author, Lauren Manaker. Lauren launched her business after struggling with infertility and becoming a mother, and her personal experiences shed a spotlight on how much anecdotal and unsupported information is out there. She has made it her mission is to make accurate nutrition information more accessible and easy to understand and, in 2019, she wrote the book Fueling Male Fertility: Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance for Men Trying to Conceive. In this episode, Lauren shares a bit about what she has learned about male fertility and the best ways she has found to connect with men, as well as some of her recommendations for good, nutritious food, and the foods she suggests eating in moderation or cutting out of your diet.

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