Posted on May 22nd, 2015by RMANY

Dr. Alan B. Copperman speaks to WIRED Magazine about using data from Celmatix platform Polaris to take the guesswork out of getting pregnant

IMAGINE THIS SCENARIO: Rita and Dennis are trying to have a baby. Rita is 41. Dennis is 39. They’ve been trying to conceive naturally for 15 months and have had one miscarriage.

Based on those data points, and others—Rita’s body mass index, Dennis’s sperm count, and various hormone levels—when Rita and Dennis finally decide to seek fertility treatment, their physician will tell them that, based on the numbers, they have about a 2 percent chance of having a baby naturally, an 8 percent chance with the assistance of fertility injections, and a 24 percent chance if they consider in vitro fertilization.

Read article here.

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