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Where to Find Helpful Resources for Infertility Support

As patients undergo fertility treatments, it can be helpful for them to utilize resources to use as a means of support. Understanding the emotional hurdles that may arise and developing tactics to overcome them can help patients remain positive as they undergo fertility treatments. I am frequently asked where to find helpful resources for infertility support so I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites. Whether interacting one-on-one, listening to another’s experience, or simply practicing a few calming exercises, there is a little something here for everyone.

Support Groups

  • Fruitful Fertility - A free fertility mentorship program that matches those beginning their fertility journey with a supportive individual who has experienced it firsthand.
  • RMA of New York Facebook Support Group - A private online forum where patients of RMA of New York can freely ask questions and discuss their experiences as clinical staff from RMA of New York mediate.


  • Ferticalm - A fertility app geared towards women that provides more than 500 custom coping options for over 50 specific situations which can arise during the family building journey, such as those at social events and work, and in relationships.
  • Headspace - A meditation app that leads guided meditations – audio sessions – that are designed to train the mind to be more open and at ease.

Websites with Comprehensive IVF Information

  • Fertility IQ - Provides interactive modules on a variety of topics, including endometriosis, lifestyle choices, and IVF to help patients learn more about infertility.
  • Fertility Authority - A comprehensive, interactive online network where patients can receive information and advice on infertility treatments, as well as exclusive pricing and appointments with physicians.

Official Fertility Organizations

  • Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology - SART establishes and maintains standards for assisted reproductive technology practices so patients receive the highest possible care. Its website provides national statistics from infertility treatment centers throughout the country.
  • RESOLVE - This national patient advocacy association provides information and support for those facing infertility.

One-on-one Counseling

  • RMA of New York offers a unique service to its patients by providing complimentary emotional support counseling. Therapy sessions, crisis intervention, and psychotherapy for individuals and couples are available.

I’ve found that the patients who use one or more of the resources I’ve listed are able to remain focused and calm as they go through their own infertility journey. Of course, reaching out to friends, family, and professional counselors is also highly recommended for additional support.

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