RMA of New York Patient Stories

Our physicians, nurses, and care teams provide personalized care to each and every individual. We specialize in meticulous attention to providing personalized, patient-focused care and are culturally and religiously sensitive to meet the needs of individuals and couples visiting from across the globe. We are honored and humbled when proud new parents share their testimonials, ratings and reviews of RMA of New York.

We keep staring at her thinking she is really a miracle baby. Not that long ago we couldn’t have even dreamed of having a child together. We are two women, and both around 40 years old. We went to RMA to discuss our case and since that day we started a journey we will never forget. There were up and downs but Dr. McAvey and her team were always with us, taking as much time as necessary to explain everything, to discuss all the options, as well as to provide emotional support. We could not have been in better hands. After several cycles of IUI we decided to do IVF and got pregnant at the first attempt. This gorgeous girl joined our family and we are still trying to believe this is not a dream. We will be forever grateful for the care we received at RMA, by every person we interacted with. Dr. McAvey was incredible and we can’t wait to go back to hopefully have a second child. We are so lucky and so happy and grateful!

Africa Fernández

My wife Enid and I have been together for 8 years and married for 6 ½. We have always wanted a child but knew it would be costly to proceed with any fertility treatment, especially since our personal insurance does not cover infertility. However, last year a life event occurred which triggered us to say 'It’s now or never! Let’s do it!'. I did some research and made appointments with 3 separate facilities. The first of them was RMA of NY. My personal insurance is accepted at this facility when they bill for “GYN” services. I went for an initial consultation with Enid to see Dr. Sandler, an amazing fertility specialist. Our first visit was filled with information on infertility itself, on my condition of PCOS and Type 2 Diabetes, an ultrasound and some blood work. It was truly comprehensive! We met with his financial team and they walked us through all of the options RMA provides. Enid & I were so grateful – we felt blessed. So we continued with RMA and canceled the other two appointments.

We chose our donor sperm and I begin the medication. This process was so fast! My first day of IVF injections started on April 10th. My last day was April 20th, then I had the egg extraction done on April 22nd. On April 27th, I had my transfer done and on May 6th, I took the blood test and received a positive pregnancy test-over 40! I felt the weight of the world fall off of my shoulders! I became pregnant on my first cycle!

People ask me – 'What do you want, a boy or a girl?” And my response to everyone is “I’ve been through so much trying to get here, that I haven’t had a chance to think of what gender I preferred". In addition, honestly my journey is not done yet. Every day is a fight to ensure that both our baby and I are and stay healthy throughout the course of this pregnancy. So as long as the baby is born healthy and happy– I do not care what the gender is. The baby, I believed I would never have because of the odds stacked against me with PCOS, same-sex relationship, financial obstacles, diabetes, back issues and over 40 - I now do thanks to RMA of New York.

Daphne Riverario

I am a non-binary transman who pass’s about 50% of the time, and my wife is a very queer ciswoman. In our process of becoming parents we both decided that I would be the one to carry. It is something that is very exciting for us! However, I had heard the horror stories of non-binary indivudals trying to get pregnant from doctors ignoring pronouns to patient's partners being treated as if they were non-existent. I began to mentally brace myself for what I thought would be a very difficult experience. We could not have been more surprised and thrilled with the treatment that RMA NY has given us. From the initial filing of the intake form to our in person interactions we have had a phenomenal experience. My wife and I were astounded that the intake form had more options for gender identities and partnership styles than I even knew existed. We had a particularly exceptional initial consultation with Dr. Copperman where he so graciously said that if there were any areas in which RMA could improve on their inclusivity to be vocal as his only goal was to provide better care. We have never felt more seen or more respected in the medical field. There is already a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in the process of creating a family, but to not have to worry about being called the wrong name or the wrong pronoun and for my family to be seen exactly as we are is liberating.

Max Kristula-Green & Cade Russo-Young