Affording IVF / IUI Costs: Fertility Financing & Insurance

Financing fertility treatments to manage the costs associated with procedures like intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be challenging. Understanding the costs of IUI and IVF as well as the financing options available to you before you begin your journey can help alleviate some of the stress and possible financial burdens. RMA of New York has strategically partnered with both insurance providers and financial institutions to be able to offer you a variety of services and resources to help you achieve your goal of building your family.

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Finance FAQs

  • An IVF package is created for each patient based on their personal family-building goals and the protocol they have agreed upon under the guidance of one of our physicians. Each package, therefore, is individualized.

    At RMA of New York, IVF packages are typically batched into two categories: ‘Fresh Cycle’ and ‘Freeze All Cycle’. In a ‘Fresh Cycle’ patients undergo IVF with the intention of transferring fresh embryos that have not been frozen. This type of package includes monitoring – office visits, ultrasounds, and blood work – egg retrieval, conventional fertilization, and embryo transfer. ‘Freeze All Cycle’ patients undergo an egg retrieval and freeze their eggs or embryos, with the intention of transferring them later. This package includes monitoring – office visits, ultrasounds and bloodwork – egg retrieval, ICSI, cryopreservation, and embryo transfer at a later time.

    IVF packages at RMA of New York do NOT include medications, anesthesia, or PGT, preimplantation genetic testing, of embryos. Cryopreservation, or freezing, of specimens, is included in a ‘Freeze All Cycle’ but not in a ‘Fresh Cycle’.

    A ‘Freeze All Cycle’ excludes the transfer. But there is a combined package of the ‘Freeze All Cycle’ plus a transfer to save some money. There is no time frame as to when the transfer has to happen if you have already paid for it.

  • For patients who are in need of financial assistance to fund their fertility journey, RMA of New York works with several providers:

    • Treatment Bundle Programs: These programs offer a reduced fee for a particular treatment plan than if a patient were to pay RMA of New York directly. ARC Fertility provides IVF loan and fertility financing for treatments and medications. WINFertility offers bundle packages that may include medical treatments and medications. Finally, Compassionate Care offers eligible self-pay patients discounts on many fertility medications.
    • Loan Providers: Programs such as Capex MD, Egg Fund, and Future Family assist patient finance their fertility journeys by providing loans at, typically, lower interest rates. Patients must apply to these programs as the financial support provided is customized to their particular treatment plans.
    • Grants: RMA of New York is selected by the New York State Department of Health to participate in the Infertility Demonstration Program. Through this grant, qualified individuals whose insurance coverage is exhausted or inadequate can obtain financial assistance to cover the costs of an IVF cycle. Grant recipients must meet medical and financial criteria, including having exhausted appropriate lower level infertility services, are residents of New York State, and meet the age and health guidelines established by the State.
  • Typically, patients must meet a minimum credit score. However, this varies according to each fertility financing program.

  • IUI coverage depends on a patient’s particular insurance plan provided by their employer. For example, in New York State, large employers typically mandate IVF coverage but small employers may only cover diagnostics. There are, however, employers who insurance package do not offer any fertility-related coverage. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

    Prior to an initial consultation at RMA of New York, our financial coordinators can call a patient’s insurance provider using a valid Member ID to confirm any fertility benefits.

  • Fertility benefits are determined by the employer. Designating insurance providers as ‘the best’, is, therefore, unreasonable because it fertility benefits can vary between businesses with the same insurance provider. For example, a small business may use Aetna but provide no fertility benefit to its patients whereas a larger company that also uses Aetna may elect to provide some fertility benefits to its employees.

    RMA of New York is in network with the following insurance carriers: Aetna, Cigna, New York Hotel Trades, Oxford, United Healthcare, UMR, Blue Cross Blue Shield, GHI, and Progyny. Again, the financial coordinators work with patients ahead of their consultation to determine if their insurance provider includes fertility benefits.

  • RMA of New York offers 25% discount on services to military personnel and veterans. This discount is applied only to those treatments or procedures that RMA of New York bills, such as a ‘Fresh Cycle’ or ‘Freeze All Cycle’. This discount cannot be applied to outside costs, including anesthesia, medications, or PGT.

Participating Providers: Fertility Insurance Coverage

In New York State, the law requires coverage of standard fertility preservation services. RMA of New York’s strategic partnerships with insurance providers has unlocked a world of financial support for our patients. Connect directly with your insurance provider to learn more about how your health care plan will impact costs for IUI, IVF, and more. We participate with the following insurance providers.

  • Aetna

    Insurance Provider recognizes RMA of New York as a Center of Excellence.

  • Cigna

  • Maven

  • New York Hotel Trade Council

  • Oxford (OXF) Freedom

  • UMR

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • GHI

  • New York State Empire Plan for Government Employees

    Insurance Provider recognizes RMA of New York as a Center of Excellence.

  • Oxford (OXF) Liberty

  • United Health Care (UHC)

    Insurance Provider recognizes RMA of New York as a Center of Excellence.

  • Progyny

Financial Options for Managing the Costs of IVF & IUI

RMA of New York’s patient centric approach to fertility care doesn’t stop at the financial stage. We are here to assist you in finding the right financial options and discounts so that you can focus on fertility.

  • Bill Payment

    Bill Payment

    RMA of New York provides convenient and secure online bill pay options for our patients at no additional charge.

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  • Military and Veteran Discount

    Military and Veteran Discount

    RMA of New York is proud to offer Active Duty Military Personnel and Qualified Veterans a considerable discount on fertility.

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  • NYC Employee Benefits

    NYC Employee Benefits

    If you are an employee of New York City, RMA of New York is proud to offer a considerable discount for your service to our city.

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  • Financing Programs

    Financing Programs

    RMA of NY’s financial specialists work with patients to find the perfect-fit program for you. Find out which financial programs can assist you in your fertility journey.

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