Financing Programs
Financing Programs

Financing Options

Covering the cost of fertility treatment can require some planning and assistance. The Financial Team at RMA of New York offers guidance and resources to help you navigate coverage and financing options and make the process of paying for your treatment easier.

Advanced Reproductive Care (ARC) offers financing programs, discounted treatment packages, and affordable pharmacy plans which may help to alleviate the costs of your treatment.
ARC is the nation’s largest network of fertility specialists in the US and offers a number of affordable options:

The ARC Fertility Program

  • ARC® One-cycle Plus: 1 retrieval and up to 2 embryo transfers (fresh and/or frozen)
  • ARC® Two-cycle Plus: 2 retrievals and up to 4 embryo transfers (fresh and/or frozen)
  • ARC® Three-cycle Plus: 3 retrievals and up to 6 embryo transfers (fresh and/or frozen)

The ARC Pharmacy Plan

  • Provides easy access to fertility medications and the opportunity to finance medications along with your treatment enabling you to have just one monthly payment.

ARC Financing

  • The ARC affordable payment plans are offered with any ARC packages and (FlexCare) can be utilized for any additional services at your clinic. You can also bundle your discounted fertility medications into the same loan for one monthly payment.

CapexMD Fertility Financing
A variety of loans are offered by CapexMD and are designed to fit your specific needs and are combined with flexible terms for optimal affordability and convenience. You may apply directly on the loan application page and receive a pre-approval within 24 hours. Once approved, the RMA of New York financial team will confirm disbursement of funds prior to commencing treatment at the facility.

Advantages of CapexMD:

  • Specialists in Fertility Financing
  • Personal Attention
  • Competitive Rates
  • Easy & Secure Online Application
  • Pre-Approval within 24 hours
  • Flexible Terms
  • Highest Confidentiality
  • No Annual Fees
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Retain your existing credit

Egg Fund
EggFund gives you more financing choices, all in one place. Even if you have less than excellent credit.We save time and stress, so you can focus on building your family.

We work with over a dozen top lenders through our partner Fiona, who searches and compares them, to recommend the best loan offers for you. Loans can cover all aspects of the process. Funds can be used at any clinic, pharmacy or agency you choose.

Freedom. Flexibility. Empowerment.

Qualifications: A minimum credit score of 600 to be eligible

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The Compassionate Care Program is available to eligible patients who may not otherwise be able to afford fertility treatment.

Eligibility requirements include the following:

  • No pre existing insurance coverage for fertility medication
  • Currently undergoing fertility treatment with a physician at RMA of NY
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Qualifying annual household gross income

Eligible patients may save either 50% or 75% off the self-pay price of EMD Serono medicine, or may receive 10% off after completing a mail-in rebate.

ParentSteps Program
RMA of New York continues to be recognized as a Center of Excellence by OptumHealth and is also a participating provider in the ParentSteps program.

Through this program, if you possess very minimal or no infertility coverage you may be eligible to receive on average a 10 to 20% discount on the following treatments:

  • Super Ovulation with Insemination (Ovulation Induction with Insemination)
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
    The following procedures will also be discounted if your fertility specialist determines they will be necessary in your IVF treatment plan:
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

To learn more about this program, contact ParentSteps Program at 1-866-774-4626 or visit their website.

WINFertility Program
The WINFertility direct-to-consumer program is offered to RMA of NY patients who have no advanced infertility insurance coverage or those who have exhausted their benefits and need options to cover treatment. WIN simplifies this complex financial process by offering treatment bundles, which include medication discounts.

To learn more about WIN’s discounts and fertility financing options please call 1-855-705-4IVF (4483) or visit their website.

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